What is HOLE?

HOLE is something you wanted since your puberty. Here you can find a guy nearby, feel the spark and meet him anywhere. Or do whatever it is that gets your blood going.

How does HOLE work?

You upload a photo. You post your request. A feed with your closest HOLE users opens up. Like the guys who you would want to talk to. If any of them likes you back, a chat between you two appears on the chat tab.

Both your request and your chats last for exactly one hour. We’re not a dating app, since your needs are urgent and cannot wait. Note that after your request time expires, your chats will stay active until their time expires or you delete your request. After the hour is up, the chat and its contents are automatically erased forever.

After your request expires, you will disappear from the other guys feed. To start the search again, simply post a new request. The toggle in the upper left corner shows people who have liked you and wanna chat.

If you didn’t match with the person whose photo you liked, it doesn’t mean that they said 'no' - it's possible that their request has expired, or that they did not see the notification.

We do not approve of money being exchanged between users of HOLE, apart from our subscription fee which is charged via the App Store or Google Store. If anyone you connect with asks for money, a gift card, suggests that you chat on Kik or that you buy cam services, please report this person in the chat room or tap 'X' on their photo.

'X'ing someone’s photo automatically deletes that person from your feed forever. So try not to 'x' people you like!

Our Rules

Here are the rules to help you have a great adventure and improve your chances of having an exciting experience on the app.

Rule #1: Pics matter.

This is the only piece of information you share with would-be hookups, so we recommend giving it an extra moment of thought. How do you really want to be seen by other guys in the feed? You might be all about your awesome dick. People like dicks! But under our policy, you can only post them in the chat session. If there’s nudity in the profile pics, we risk getting booted off certain platforms. So as fucked up as it is, you can’t post suggestive photos or explicit text in your profile.

Rule #2: We know why we’re here.

Never Ever Ask: “Do you know what this app is for?” Seriously, it’s the worst. Everybody is here for the same reason.

Rule #3: Always assume it’s a one-time thing

Consent is the golden rule on HOLE. Whatever you’re into, if your hookup is into it — go for it! That includes staying in touch afterwards. Unless you both explicitly decide to become fuck buddies or friends with benefits, always plan on being strangers afterwards.

One more thing — we love collecting hookup stories from our users to share with a wider audience.
Yeah, we’re nasty like that. There are stories so intimate and so funny, arousing and absurd, you can only share them with close friends, if ever. But the world needs to hear them. So share your story. Join the crowd of those who have something to say too. Totally anonymous. Doesn’t even have to be from HOLE. Send it our way: feedback@hole.chat

How does my feed work?

Your feed works on-demand. You are able to see guys who posted their requests within your allotted hour. If their time runs out, that users photo leaves the feed. Newcomers will appear on your feed automatically. Unless they delete their request before their time is up, they will stay in your feed for 1 hour. You can like or dislike every guy: he will see the like and won't see your dislike.

The toggle on the top of the feed will show you guys who have already liked you first. By tapping under their photo you will be redirected to your private chat room. In a private conversation you can share any photos - including explicit ones. All conversations are erased forever after the time limit is over.

What's the point of the hour time limit?

HOLE is all about what you want - here and now. We’re not for dating. No hidden catch. No strings attached. Actually, all your chats disappear when the hour is up or if you delete your current request.

Where to meet?

Under a blanket at his place or in a garage at your mother's. Cheap motel or a fancy place down the street. Seriously, we trust you with your choice. We want you to have it exactly the way you want it.

How do I change the photo in my request?

First, delete your active request. Then tap at the top right corner of the profile photo.To replace it, take a selfie or select a new photo from your gallery.

I'm not getting notifications

HOLE needs permission to send you notifications.
Go to your phone settings, find 'notifications', and make sure HOLE is allowed access. You should also check 'notifications' within the app’s Settings.

But I like dick pics… A lot!

Please keep them for until you get a mutual like. As a first impression, dick pics are not what people want. They might even be a reason for an account's ban.

Why do we need your email?

To get inside HOLE, we need you to prove that you're a real human being. Verification procedure via email is how we do it. We will never give this information out to any third parties.

All personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of HOLE privacy policy: https://soulplatform.com/legal/HOLE/policy

I didn't receive an email with a code, what should I do?

Once you enter your email address it will become your personal discreet HOLE ID. You will get an email with a login link and a code which you enter manually to complete verification procedure and start using HOLE.

If somehow you didn't received an email with a code in 5 minutes:
- check the Spam folder in your mailbox
- tap the "resend” button in the app
- drop a line to our support team at feedback@hole.chat

What does restore purchases mean?

If you buy a HOLE subscription and delete & reinstall the app or change the device you're using HOLE on, by tapping 'Restore Purchases' your purchase will be downloaded to your device, without charging you again

I accidentally hit X on a photo!

Oh dear... Contact our support at feedback@hole.chat with #bringback hashtag and we'll bring back that sweet boy for you.

How the 7 day trial works

You 7-day trial will automatically turn into a monthly subscription. If you don't want to pay, you have to cancel the subscription at least 24h before the end of the trial. This is the standard subscription policy of the App Store and Google Play.

My location is wrong / Search radius is off

So here's the deal... HOLE has a pre-set search radius which is rather large (up to 1000 km). Currently there's no option of tailoring it in the application but we'll definitely implement it in future.

Tips for more matches

Change your user pic, avoid nudity. Be open and honest. Make love, not war. HOLE loves you. So will your hookups.

HOLE subscription policy

HOLE uses classic auto-renewing subscription policy managed by App Store and Google Play. Here's what you should know about your subscription:

Your subscription renews automatically unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the trial or current subscription period. Use iTunes’ or Google Store Account settings to manage your auto-renewal and account preferences.

Also, if your trial is not cancelled in time in time, the monthly payment for the subscription will be automatically charged from your account 24h before the end of the trial.

If I delete the app will my subscription/trial be cancelled?

Deleting the app and cancelling a subscription are two different things. You may delete HOLE from your phone (if your bf is back in town, for example) but you'll continue to get charged by Apple or Google for the subscription auto-renewal.

Delete My Data

If you don't want your information to be stored at our servers (we do this to make your comeback as easy as possible) just let us know. Send message to feedback@hole.chat

Remember: canceling your active subscription and deleting your data are two different procedures. To cancel your membership, use your iTunes or Google Play account.

How do I report users who violate the rules

Tap the flag button in a chat and choose a reason from a list of complaints. You can do the same from your chat tab (by pressing on a chat section for a couple of secs) or from the feed — you just need to tap ✖ button on the photo.

I got banned, what's next?

If your account got banned, feel free to drop a line at feedback@hole.chat with #saveme hashtag. We promise to investigate what happened and get back to you

How to cancel or delete my subscription/trial (Android)?

1. Open Google Play Store app
2. Tap Menu
3. Tap My Apps
4. Tap Subscriptions
5. Tap on the HOLE app
6. Tap “Cancel” and “Yes” to confirm the cancellation of the subscription

You will have access to HOLE until your paid subscription expires.

How to cancel or delete my subscription/trial (iOS)?

1. Go to Settings
2. Open iTunes & App Store
3. Tap your Apple ID which is located at the top of your screen
4. Tap View Apple ID
5. Tap Subscriptions.
6. Tap the HOLE membership and cancel your membership

You will have access to HOLE until your paid subscription expires.